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Miekak has 25 cabbins whereof 21 is situated near the immidiate camparea, every cabin has a boat for their free disposal with the oppurtunity to rent a boatengine. The rest of the cabins is situated on the surrondings of Miekak. The cabins has 4 beds and a complete kitchen with gas. In the camp you also find the oppurtunity to rent the sauna, just talk to the manager.

Sometimes you migth find it difficult to locate your favourit spot, therefore you also got the oppurtunity to hire a guide from us, guiding is available from the 14th of Juli and before that the camp manager will spot you to the hottest places in the surronding area.

The store has the necessities you need with a merchandies like bread, beer, lemonade, candy, some fishing equipment and other necessities. During the period of Juli to September when we fly on a daily basis you can also buy fresh food like bread, milk and other dairyproducts. If you visit us during the vinter season it is our recomendation tha you bring you own supplies since we have limited deliverys to the store. That goes for fuel to your snow mobiles to, and if you got to little so you cant get back we can sell you enought that you need to get back to the civilisation. If you brougth to much then we’re willing to buy the overflow just talk to the manager in the camp.

Help us in our enviromental work. Miekak is celabrating it’s 40th anniversary as a fishing camp 2010 and the fact that the camp and the surroundings has been keept in such good shape is because our guest helped gather their garbage and bringed it back to the camp. The garbage that we cant take care of in the camp you simply bring back to the civilisation and dispose it on the proper place in Tjärnberg. It is our hope that this work in keeping Miekak and it’s unike enviroment nice and cleen will continue for many years to come so that future generations will get the benefit of a clean enviroment.