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The fishing tips is written by Tomas Almer. He has been guiding in Miekak since 1976. To read about the lucrative places just klick on the letters on the map to read about the fantastic streams such as Pieskeströmmen or some of the many mountain lake´s for example lake 830 which is well known for it’s big specimens up to 5 Kg.




  • 5. Pieskeströmmen, the Pieske Stream. The northern outflow from Lake Pieskehaure. Alpine char and Brown trout. Good fishing at dusk. Difficult fishing.
  • 6. The Stream by the inflow to Storselet. Good place for large fish, both brown trout and alpine char. Sinkers for daytime fishing, floaters and small patterns for fishing at dusk. Gnat imitations both wet and dry, size 16 – 18. There is a cabin here so there can be many people. It is customary to give preference to the guests in the cabin.
  • 7. The middle streams, between Storselet and Lillselet. Good for large fish, both brown trout and alpine char up to 2,5 kg. Good fishing at Radtja and Kattsatj. Flies: Warm days, use small gnats, green nymphs, haröra, Caddys.
  • 8. Strömporten Good for brown trout and alpine char. Both sides are good. Flies: as above, also yellow dragon flies and other feathers, use your imagination.
  • 9. The Big S Good-sized brown trout. Radja side is best. Fies: Nymphs, wet and dry depending on the hatching.
  • 10. Storhålan Good from the Radja side if there is low water, because then you can wade across a fair distance, but always start by fishing in the waters nearby.
  • 11. The mouth of the Pieske river Quite fun fishing although not such big fish. If you want to have a day off from hiking, you can row around the bay using flies or flashers and catch an alpine char. Flies: Teal and red or other similar wet flies are good. Also try dry flies, yellow or brown dragonflies.



  • 1. The Beginning of Låddaströmmen. a deep hole below the upper waterfall. A good place to fish alpine char, from the left side and from the island. Use both flies and bait, you can also use flashers to get out into the whirlpool from the island. Flies: Streaking caddy, e 12, Rackelhanne wet, Teal and read, Peter ross. If you take the boat from the ravine, it is 2 kilometres shorter to Låddaströmmen.
  • 2. The streams between the Deep Hole and the Aquarium. Bait casting and flashers. Flies: Minnow Muddler, Haröra (the ear of a hare), small gnat imitations, dry and wet, size 16-18. Dry: Caddy Forsslända (dragonfly).
  • 3. The Aquarium Good place for alpine char at the point of the streams and by the small streams. Flies: Small gnat imitations both dry and wet or Soyers Nymph size 18. Bait, flashers, worms or bait casting. If you go over the small streams to the large river, stand on the hill, look down into the streams with polarizing glasses and you will see groups of alpine char to practice on. Good Luck! You can also go up to the crest where there are often fine char. Try the whole channel until you come to a small area of smooth water, where you can try both downstream and upstream.
  • 4. The Streams downstream from the Aquarium. Mostly brown trout but also alpine char. Wet flies and nymphsm

Southern lakes


  • 18. Lake Mikkajaure Brown trout. There is a cabin if you want to stay over. Keep an eye on the water. Try fishing closeby at first, so you dont frighten the fish.
  • 19. Lake 830 Brown trout. It is possible to stay the night. You can get very big brown trout here, up to 4 kg. The lakes in the vicinity also have brown trout.
  • 20. Lake Njargalis brown trout, large fish.The lakes are difficult to fish in, use a reel. Bait casting. A good tip is to not rush out on the capes and rocks, but sit down and watch the water for awhile. Start by fishing nearby so that you do not frighten the fish.

Eastern part


  • 12. The small lake on the left side of the bridge by Låddas is situated 300 meters west up the mountain. There is fine alpine char up to one kilo. Stay away if there are boats below.
  • 13. The channel by the camp Good fishing for alpine char from the boat, rowing or gliding. Good for bait casting or streamers such as Silver doctor or silver, gold, white and red.
  • 14. The lake on the northern side by the Sarta side-stream Fine alpine char. Difficult fishing when there are too many people round the lake. Nice place.
  • 15. The Sarta side-stream outflow can give fine alpine char. Put in from the island.
  • 16. Sarta on the Njargalis side. Take it easy, do not go too close to the waterfall. There is a place on the side where you can put in the boat. You can get large Alpine char below the waterfall. Difficult fishing. Also big grayling.
  • 17. Sartajåkkå Hire a boat at the camp, take a motor and fuel it up. The boats are by the shelter. Sarta is shallow, so be careful. Good fishing for grayling, with small flies, by the outflow of the stream. Very beautiful.