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Do you want to arrange a guaranteed different conference is Miekak the right place. Here is the way to mobile phones and stress. You have the nature for yourselves. Chances are great to see both the eagle, buzzard and owl. When you book your conference in Miekak so take the opportunity to mix up the conferense with activities that no one will ever forget.

We will arrange a helicopter lift to a nearby peak with a breathtaking view of the mountains, or an entry-level tournament in skeet shooting, do you have special requests we will try to accommodate them as well.

Naturally fish you – we have some of the best trout and char waters cabin door. It is summer, we can teach you the basics of fly fishing mysteries and in autumn it is possible to go on hunting grouse. During the winter, we put snowmobile or ski tours on the schedule of the lunch prepared on the mountain. Dinners you eat in the big cabin and then stands obviously grilled freshly caught trout and roast reindeer on the menu and we have full rights to private parties.

Activities in Miekak are plentiful, to name a few as you can with our experienced naturalist guides do a hike, there is a lot to discover and see, do you want a completely unique experience we take you to Sulitelma Glacier by helicopter and snow melt has sufficiently far we can explore some of the great Ice Caves. Or why not organize a fishing competition in any of the great trout and char waters available in connection Miekak.

Miekak will be what you make it and we can guarantee you a fantastic scenery of the wonderful and relaxing environment far from the stresses of office and ringing phones. With us organize you a different and absolutely memorable after sale, management meeting or kick off.