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The right of common gives us great opportunities to stay in our beautiful mountains, but also certain responsibilities. Take rubbish “home” when you fished or walked and view wildlife and nature into account.

Cancellation see under the heading of price or contact us.

Cancellation insurance see cancellation.

Sauna must be booked in camp levels in good time before the bath, apply to all days.

Reservation do you through miekak@heli.se or by contacting Miekakbokningen: 0961-61240.

Boat included in your cottagepaket. Extra boats are booked in the shop, look out for rocks and reefs.

Drinking water downloads are available in the well at snowmobile parking area in winter, sommartdid, there is a water pump below the cabin 1.

Electric available in our shop only 12V. Can be rented for example upload batteries for camcorder. Bring 12V charger (car charger)

Electric welding available in our shop. Can be rented if you for example need to cook the scooter or sledge.

Dangerous goods, please contact us.

Life jackets Please feel free to borrow, check with the camp host.

Fish smoker you may borrow the amount you would like to see the camp.

Fishing license can you buy at the kiosk, both Miekakkortet and Arjeplogskortet.

Fishing rules, Pieskeströmmarna is granted only for fly fishing with a fly rod until the 1st september, refers to the entire stream from the dam to Miekaksjön, other water is franchised as fishing card annex. Prohibited fishing gear: Nets gear, otter, position hook, longline or dragline with more than three hooks.

Flight, during the summer, you can order a lift out to any mountain lake or maybe a trip over the National Park. Order at least a day in advance. In bad weather we have in the air sometimes change in flight time list. Camp values gives information on your time is changed.

Flies, Dry and wet flies are available at the kiosk, also moves and other accessories.

Process message, fill out and submit in the kiosk. Remember to complete the roadmap.

Guides. Fishing guide can usually be booked on site. Good use of time is one of the first days of your stay using the Guide for tips on water, flies etc.

Home trip. winter left the cottages at the latest at 11.00, in summer left the House one hour before departure.

Helicopter. Do not pack your items in large boxes. Instead, use soft bags and bags. Empty backpacks, you may of course take with you. Carefully follow the pilot’s or loader instructions. LEAVE THE HELICOPTER STRAIGHT AHEAD OR SIDEWAYS, NEVER GO BACKWARDS, NOTE!

Ice on lake. Remember that ice at the flowing water can be weak. Try to follow the marked routes are within the camp. Driving on ice is always at your own risk. Hunting. Winter hunting grouse from 15th February to 15th March (reservation) each year. Map provides you in the kiosk. Autumn hunting of the Grouse from 25 August to 15 september (reservation). Can be booked via the Office 0961-612 40, or via our online service (see links above). Limited number of slots.

Store. Here you can buy canned food, bread, dairy products, cold cuts, pasta, potatoes, eggs, soft drinks, beer, tobacco, sanitary items, fishing accessories, mosquito repellent, postcards etc. Note: Can only pay with cash at the camp. Preferably small denominations!

Maps. Suitable map for Miekakområdet is BD14, buy it in the bookstore or in the kiosk in Miekak

Leads. Marked snowmobile trails are from the camp of Pieskehaure, Mavas and the rnvik. Officers may be weak at the flowing water. Always follow the trail for mountain Wanderer there are marked trails in summer.

Post be submitted to camps values during the summer for further promotion.

Picnic areas can be found at Låddeströmmen and Sarta.

Snowmobiling in the camp, except on arrival and departure. On the South side the river Pite advises snowmobile ban, respect that. If you are unsure speak with camp host. Hyrskotrar, see Miekak, book in advance at tel: 0961-612 40.

Skis we have a few pairs that we like to lend out, ask at the kiosk.

Garbage. Return cans, we can take care of the camp. Distinguish between combustible and non-combustible garbage, the latter brought to Tjärnberg in summer and in winter to a suitable waste container.

Cleaning, the cottage is cleaned. Benches, tables, gas stove and floor drycleaned, use cooking utensils be washed and set aside. If you are cleaning of the cottage it is possible to speak of values.

Bedding included in addition bed linen which find to rent in the kiosk.

Phone. Cell phone does not work in Miekak. Check with the host satellite phone possible.

Equipment varies with season, hints and tips, see the magazine mountain safe.

Important phone numbers: Office in Arjeplog: 0961-61240, Helicopter: 070-699 8704, Miekak camps: camps: Unfortunately, Telia has closed refers to Post o Telecom Agency Oct. 2010

Weather. The weather in the mountains is whimsically. Every morning during the winter season is the current forecast on the Bulletin Board at the kiosk. Always return the process message.

Overweight. Freeweight  trip to Miekak is 25 kg per person. To Njargalis, “830” and Storselet 25 kg/person. Overweight in availability will be charged 25kr/kg

Size Fishingareal 2100 ha. Huntingareal 8000 ha. Water More than 20 mountain lakes and 10 kms of streams. Konference Room for 30 people. Special arrangements available according to customer?s needs. Logging 21 4-bed cabins in the camp, 4 6-bed cabins in the mountains.
Location Central Lapland, about 50 km north of the Arctic Circle. In the middle of the high mountain region of Lapland by the source-tributary of the Pite River Specimen Salmon trout, alpine char, and grayling. Partially put out from local stock. Store Stocks the basic necessities. Natives Traditional (Saami) Lappish huts, reindeer herders? huts, reindeer at large, the area is part of the Luokta Mavas Saami village.
Distance 45 kms from from the nearest road.30 kms from Norway. 30 kms from the national parks of Sarek and Padjelanta. Fishing methods Fly fishing, spinning, trolling, angling and ice-fishing. Arrangments Conferences, hunting and fishing trips, flying and hiking trips. Trails 24 kms of marked trails during the summer.
Terrain Valley surrounded by mountain peaks. Low shore vegetation, arctic moors and rocky terrain. Hunting Ptarmigan, capercaillie and hare.. Rental Fishing gear, boats with motors, life jackets, skis, snow-mobiles. Transportation By helicopter or snow-mobile.
Open Normally Feb 15 to April 30, June 15 to September 15. Other times: open for bookings on request. Map “Fjällkarta BD 14”.