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Miekak can offer you a wide range of high quality experiences in the heart of the Swedish mountains.We will offer you alternatives and enjoyments packaged so that regardless if you are a far away visitor, or if you are from the nearby surroundings will feel that your wellbeing and experience from our camp are our primary focus.


Our alternatives (101) Base package Our base package are as you can tell from the name the foundation to all our packages in Miekak and it is the only package you’ll need when you want to visit us. Summertime will you be lifted with our helicopter from our base in Tjärnberg. You will live in our solid 4-bed cabins in the camp and stay for 3 or 6 days, after which our helicopter will take you back to Tjärnberg again. During your visit you have full access to a boat that comes with the cabin during your stay here, and we can offer you an outboard engine if you want one. During the autumn period are we flying from Tjärnberg and the free load are 25kg / person. Wintertime will we fly you from Arjeplog and the boat is replaced with a snowmobile. Your stay will be 1-5 days and you will have access to 1 snowmobile / 2 persons. The free load on our helicopter is 20kg. Wintertime is also the time of the year when you can take your own snow mobile and head on up to your pre booked cabin. You will come and go as you please and you can stay as many days as you want with exceptions for the weekends when want you to book at least 2 days.


Prices Base package 101 – (per person)
Summer 3 days Summer 6 days Autumn Autumn Autumn Winter
1/7-18/8 1/7-18/8 19/8-29/8 30/8-5/9 6/9- 14/2-4/5
6810 SEK 8390 SEK 10310 SEK 8820 SEK 7400 SEK 10310 SEK



(102) Base package If you prefer a secluded place in the surroundings of Miekak can we offer the cabins in Njarkalis and “830” with the same conditions as for (101) Base package. Prices Base package 102 – ( per person)
Summer 3 days Summer 6 days Autumn Autumn Autumn
1/7-18/8 1/7-18/8 19/8-29/8 30/8-5/9 6/9-
7130 SEK 8760 SEK 10310 SEK 8820 SEK 7400 SEK


(108)Regular flight from Arlanda to Arvidsjaur This package is tailored for you if you are travelling on a tight schedule. In one of the alternatives are you leaving Arlanda at 09:00 and after approximately 2 hours are you in Arvidsjaur. In Arvidsjaur will our cab take you to the helicopter station and Miekak will be yours to enjoy in a flash. We can also take you with our helicopter directly from the airport in Arvidsjaur if you want to. The total travel time be approximately 3 hours from Arlanda to Miekak (request special pricelist) On the day of your return will we pick you up in the morning and you will be back on Arlanda in time for supper.


Prices Regular flight from Arlanda to Arvidsjaur 108 – (per person)
Summer 3 days Summer 6 days Autumn Autumn Autumn Winter
1/7-18/8 1/7-18/8 19/8-29/8 30/8-5/9 6/9- 14/2-4/5
10990 SEK 12400 SEK 13990 SEK 12520 SEK 11245 SEK 13990 SEK

(105) Char
 week This price worth package is suited for you who wants to experience Mikekas many streams and lakes together with experienced guides and other visitors. The package includes over the base package guide every day, fishing license, engine for boat and to end the week sauna and dinner. There are limited amount of spots available.
Prices Char week 105 – (per person)
Summer 6d
Week 30
11490 SEK
Remember that this arrangement has a limited number of participants and you will share your cabin with other visitors in the group
(105) Extended Base Package (7 days) Sunday This is what you should order if you want to come on a Monday, stay for 7 days and strives for a little edge on the average visit in Miekak.

To the extended package are fishing licence, bed linen, outboard engine to the boat, helicopter transport to and from a distant lake on day 2 or day 3 of your visit included. This arrangement are coordinated with other visitors that are here on the same terms as you, meaning that there can be other visitors on the transport from Miekak to your distant lake and the guided fishing tour.


Prices Extended Base Package 107 7days sunday – (per person)
Summer 7 days
11490 SEK



Miekak two in one package (106)
For you who wants two experiences in a 6 nights visit. You will be flown out to one of our remote mountain cabins and stay there for 3 days. Then you will be picked up and transported down to the main camp Miekak. A unique way to experience the diversity of the area!
Prices Two in One package 106 6 nights – (per person)
Summer 6 nights
9990 SEK
(114) Offer  Stay 6 days for the price of 3 days Week 33 Complied with base pakage 101. Only MiekakBook before 31 july! 
To all our packages it is possible to order: Full board, Price on request. Fishing guide: 3500 SEK/day max. 6 person. Hunting guide with dog: 4500 SEK/day max. 2 hunters.
To all package there is a weight limit for the helicopter flight. Summer time 25 kg per person to the camp, 30 kg for the mountain cabins. 5 kg increase during hunting season.
All luggage exceeding the limit will be charged 25 SEK/kg.