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Flyfishing in Miekak is without a doubt one of the best in Sweden, the area is also wellknown on the continent as one of the few genuine wilderness camps but even though Miekak i so well known you need not to fear crowding due to the fact that the area is so big and the amount of guests is limited. We can offer you many different flyfishing experiences, from big lake boat fishing to small clear streams. All in a very beautiful landscape which can give you unforgettable sceneries.

The Pieske Streams are one of the best fishing waters in Sweden for alpine char and Brown Trout. Fly-fishing can be very demanding in these streams. You may see a fine alpine char or brown trout feeding on the surface of the water, then you can experience exciting dryfly-fishing with a thin leader. Use floating lines and small flies such as gnat-immitations or yellow dragonflies for this kind of fishing. Sinking lines work well during the day-time. For instance, the Grizzly Matuka can attract large chars and salmon trouts.

Off course you’re given the oppurtunity to flyfish in the water that are open to all fishing, you can for instance row around the mouth of Pieske or go down to Sarta and try out the famous Piteå river grayling well reputated for it´s size and fighting spirit. Down in Sarta you also have the chance to take a Miekak Grand Slam, Grayling, Brown Trout and Arctic Char in one day! Very interesting!