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Weather switches quickly. Up here, bright sunshine and no wind turned in hårdblåst with snow, cold and poor visibility in less than an hour. And the wind cools quickly-15 due (C) combined with wind at 11 m/s is equivalent to-38 due c. So have always with thermal coveralls, real ski goggles and compass.To be cool is to drop both forces and head. Will you cooled puts the body in all the energy to get up the heat again. Forces wears off quickly.Head works worse, sense of direction and discernment are lost, but you will notice unfortunately never himself.Pay attention to white patches on the skin – it is the beginning of frostbite, do not rub when destroyed tissues, put in place something warm and insulating on the vulnerable site. Be sure to get in you hot drinks-the heat throughout the body.


Becomes you are too hot, it is not good. Avoid being sweaty because then lost the insulation properties
quick, look instead to dress in multiple layers and regulate the heat by taking off and on.The head emits approximately 30% of body heat, you cold put on a thick leather hat, you’ll be too warm change to a thinner.This way you can always keep you comfortable whether you’re sitting still and fish or ski in high tempo.

Treacherous Ices at the flowing water. The area around Miekak has many flowing water, rapids and SEL. Ice is always treacherous here, especially in our winter season if ice is snow-covered, and when dagsmejan begins to set in, and take it gently, therefore, while fish and pass no flowing water unless it is known that it is safe, for example, follow the winter trail
If any ranking. Ice prods and change of clothes, all have and Lifeline should be included in each group. 

Avalance danger at montain slops where can snow layers layering with heavier “snow stock” at the top and powder in. Drop the layers, it can start an avalanche. Avoid staying or passing along the steep mountain sides if there is much snow left. Lavinlina is a must if you are moving into uncertain terrain.


Leave always turn maps, even if you or if you should only be out for a few hours and even if you have skis. Tell us in the camp where you are going and when you are expected back. Would you not show up or if anything happens we know so, where we are looking. If not, it may take a long time before we find you and can come to the rescue.

Respect snowmobile ban . Some areas häruppe are coated with a snowmobile ban. We have a sensitive nature and both wild and domestic animals are disturbed by too intensive rampage with scooters. Also, be aware that special rulyou apply to using scooters in connection with hunting. In addition, it is a desire for us to keep all types of disturbances in the mountain nature and we hope that you as a guest in the Miekak share that view.
Mountains winter time can apparently offer many dangers and adventures of all kinds, but if you know how to behave in the different situations that may arise as you will get by just fine. And just follow the advice on this page, combined with common sense, you are well equipped for an adventure of rank in the Lapland mountains.