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Use your senses!


The entire area is full with thrilling experiences regardless of your interest’s. Wildlife in Miekak is typhical for the surroundings, if you´r lucky you migth spot the shy wolverine or the majestic eagle sailing on it´s wings. The area is also filled with other animals such as reindeers, grouse and bear. Trails in the surroundings of Miekak do exist so why not take your backpack for a hike or a night out in the opened. While you´re at it you migth as well take a trip up to some of the many peak´s that are situated around Miekak. During the summertime you can be sure to make the aquaintance with the mosquitos even though Miekak is known to be rather free from the worst amount’s.


If you decide to spend you´r time here during the winter you’ll be sure to find the darkness, wind and cold here yet it so peacefull that it get´s to you. So if you´re looking for peacefullness and recreation far from stress and the noise in the city Miekak is the place for you. Amasingly there is wery few visitors that have taken this oppurtunity. Autumn is the time when nature explodes in colours that are hard to describe for those who hasnt been here. Miekak is also wery rich on cloudberrys and other berrys. If you´re looking for mushrooms you migth find a litlle paradise here with extremingly healthy and clean mushrooms free from parasites and pollution. If you´re a artist you’ll find the quietness and inspiration for you´r paintings here.


This is saami / Lappish country with traditional (Saami) Lappish huts, reindeer herder’s huts, reindeer at large, the area is part of the Luokta Mavas Saami village. And chanses that you meet some of the native´s traveling thrugh the area to their villages is rather great. Sarek and Padjelanta is situated only 30 km from Miekak you get there easily with the helicopter or by hiking and in the wintertime skiis. No matter what your intresses are you got all the possibilities in Miekak.


With an opened eye Miekak is a great source for experiences above the usual. You migth say that Miekak becomes what you want it to be. Miekak is to return to the origin, to live primitivly, to be able to wash your face in clear and fresh water, to from the summit of the mountain be able to se for km´s in to Norway and maybe meet civilised people that are here for the same purpose that you are