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Hunting luck

6 important points for a good rip hunting.
Up early, long siesta in the middle of the day and home late. Riporna is active in the morning and in the afternoon. In the middle of the day, however, is riporna still, so it makes you well. A few hours of rest between eleven and three need both you and the dogs. After that, you are ready to hunt until the evening.

Let the dog hunt. In our hunting areas, there are no roads, no rabbits and no deer. Here, you do not need to be concerned that the dog seeks out properly. On the contrary, it is an advantage because riporna can be everywhere. And the dog’s snout is superior to all our own ability to predict where the birds are. To be anathema, Golden Bell or electronic beep of the dog is an advantage in the birch forest. Then you will find easy dog if it takes place out of sight.

Find the right terrain. Was riporna staying depends on Habitat, food supply, current weather, weather conditions in the past and things that no one knows. But have you found grouse so chances are high that you will find more of the same terrain.

Work out up the dogs before the race and switch frequently. The dogs run maybe 10 mil in full concentration when we go two. It is exhausting for the dog’s psyche and sense of smell, as well as for lead paws and musculature. Is “dog untrained or over-reaching, there is risk of injury, which in extreme cases can destroy the entire hunting Adventure. And a tired dog chasing bad.

Never more than two shooters on each position. If there are grouses in all directions, select a bird, drop out and so sufficient foresight, where’s the dog? And so that ripan as always remain and press after the first uppflyget, who suddenly throws himself away when it’s all over. Safety should never be suffering despite tension and quick shots.

Obedience , obedience, obedience, obedience, obedience, obedience. As one of our most talented rip Hunter six main points appear. Some well prepared and costly rip hunting days in the mountains may not be destroyed by disobedient dogs. And remember – by hemmalydnaden are only 10 percent remain once it is hunting.

Dogs that goes after clean is not welcome in the mountains. They can drive their herds from grazing areas and animals can be harmed. It tends not to be very popular when everyone in the hunting party had to wait for a dog that will disappear in hours. Purity work out why your dog before heading to the mountains.